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Looking to create your first web site? Time to revamp your existing web site? You have come to the right place. oddstuff designs specializes in simple, easy to read, easy to navigate, "clean looking" web designs. Our mantra parallels classic marketing techniques, less is more, white space is good, and getting your message across in the first few lines of text are key to your success. In todays market, people are no longer impressed by gimmicks, they just want to get the information they are looking for and to move on. At oddstuff designs we are in-tune with the needs and habits of the average web surfer. This is our advantage.

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We make websites for small businesses, people, organizations, or anyone who wants to show their presence on the internet. All of our websites are hand coded, to ensure there are no bugs or excessive code that could cause longer loading times and we code to the customers needs. We use HTML 5, the newest version of HTML to ensure your page is up to date with changing web standards. I also use CSS to style the page in the way the customer wants the page to look, and PHP to make the site dynamic allowing, if needed, user interactions and easier and faster load times.